SAP S/4 HANA EWM Online Training Course Details

150+ DAYS (1 HRS/DAY). TOTAL 150 HRS
SYSTEM EWM 9.5 and ECC (latest Version)- Side Car /Decentralized option
SAP Functional Specialists in

1) SAP Material Management
2) SAP Sales and Distribution
3) SAP Warehouse Management
4) Extended Warehouse Management

Unit 1: The Extended Warehouse Management System
1) Introduction to Extended Warehouse Management
2) Basic ERP and EWM Integration
3) Delivery Document Integration
Unit 2: EWM Structure
1) Organizational Units – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
2) EWM Structural Elements

Unit 3: Master Data

1) APO Core Interface
2) EWM Master Data like Product Master. Packaging Specifications
3) Warehouse Structure, Storage Types, Storage Sections, Storage Bins,
Work centers, Activity Areas and etc.

Unit 4: Warehouse Monitor and RF Framework

  1. Warehouse Monitor, Easy Graphics Framework and Warehouse Cockpit
  2. Introduction to RFUI – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
  3. Configuration settings for RF
  4. RF usage in Inbound and Outbound Processes
  5. RF Framework

Unit 5 : Handling Units Handling units

  1. Configuration of Handling Units – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
  2. Automatic Handling Units Creation in Inbound
  3. Automatic Handling Units Creation in Outbound

Unit 6 : Goods Receipt Process

  1. Goods Receipt Processing Using EWM
  2. ERP and EWM Documents in Goods Receipt
  3. Automatic Task Creation in Inbound
  4. Goods Receipt Process Overview
  5. Availability Groups for Inventory Management
  6. Direct Putaway Configuration
  7. Deconsolidation Process.
  8. Value added Services – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
  9. Quality Inspection Process

Unit 7: Goods Issue Process

  1. Outbound Delivery Processing
  2. EWM Outbound Delivery Documents
  3. Storage Control in Outbound Processes
  4. Wave Processing – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
  5. Value-Added Services
  6. Goods Issue and Automatic Task creation in outbound
  7. Pick Denial/Handling Differences in Picking
  8. Routes from ECC and Routes from EWM

Unit 8: Yard Management
Yard Management along with Configuration

  1. Check in and Check out
  2. Checkpoint to Door – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
  3. Door to Check Point

Unit 9: Storage Control

  1. Storage Control Concepts – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
  2. Process-oriented Storage Control
  3. Layout-oriented Storage Control

Unit 10: Warehouse Order & Warehouse Task Creation

  1. Product Warehouse Task
  2. HU Warehouse Task – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
  3. Creation of WT for Warehouse Requests
  4. Filters for Warehouse Order Creation Rules
  5. Limit Values for Warehouse Order Creation Rules
  6. Pick, Pack and Pass During Picking

Unit 11: Posting Changes, Stock Transfers & Replenishment

  1. Posting Changes and Stock Transfers
  2. Ad Hoc Movements
  3. Replenishment – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training

Unit 12: Physical Inventory

1) Periodic Physical Inventory Procedure
2) Continuous Physical Inventory Procedures
3) Cycle Counting
4) Processing of Physical Inventory Documents
5) Difference Analysis – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
6) Physical Inventory Progress
7) Reports in Physical Inventory
8) Physical Inventory Using Radio Frequency

Unit 13: Slotting and Rearrangement

  1. Slotting and Rearrangement

Unit 14: Putaway Strategies
A) General Put away Strategy
B) Fixed bin and Reserve Bin Strategy
C) Near fixed Picking Bin
D) Manual Entry Strategy – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
E) Bulk strategy with Handling Units
F) Pallet Strategy with Handling units
G) Near fixed picking bin strategy
H) Quantity Classification Strategy

Unit 15: Stock removal Strategies
A) First in First Out
B) Last in First Out – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
C) Shelf Life Expiration
D) Quantity Classification strategy
E) Stringent FIFO

F) Fixed bin Picking

Unit 16: Additional Topics
1) Kit to Stock
2) Kit to Order – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
3) Reverse Kitting
4) Opportunistic Cross Docking
5) Serial number Management
6) Kit to stock with Production Integration
7) Cartonization Planning

Unit 17: Initial uploads and Internal Movements
1) Stock Transfer between IM and EWM Storage Loc
2) Stock Transfer between EWM to EWM Loc
3) Initial Stock Entry – 561 Movement – SAP S4 HANA EWM Online Training
4) Work centre Determination without POSC