SAP EWM Technical Online Training Course Content :


  • Warehouse Overview: Different Types of WM Solutions. Comparison between SAP WM and SAP eWM. Different Activities performed
  • Overview about Different Processes such as Inbound Process, Outbound Process, Advanced Production Integration and Internal Warehouse Process.
  • Tools such as SAP Monitor, Post Processing Framework, Radio Frequency Framework and Work Center
  • Integrationwith ECC for Master Data, Transaction Data such as Deliveries and Goods Movement
  • Data Modeland APIs

Tools Overview

  • QueueProcessing and CIF
  • SAP Monitor. Structure of the Monitor. Configuration and Extending Nodes and Adding New Nodes to the Monitor
  • Post Processing Framework. Structure of the PPF. Role of Condition Records. Extending PPF and Custom PPF actions
  • Radio Frequency. RF Framework and Configuration. Standard RF Transactions. Adding Custom RF Transactions. Configuring Menus, Queues. Adjust Display profile
  • Work Center. Work Center Configurations and Extending Work Center for Deconsolidation and Outbound Packing Work Center
  • Graphics Framework:Configure standard Reports in Cockpit and extending with Own reports

Inbound Process

Different Cases

  • Simple Putaway Process with and Without Packing.
  • Putaway Process based on Transportation Units
  • Putaway Process by Storage Process – SAP EWM Technical Online Training

Custom Development Scenarios

  • Enhancement: Move Custom fields from ECC to EWM via Deliveries
  • Enhancement: Additional Validations during Distributing Deliveries
  • Enhancement: Influence determine Goods Movement bin and Warehouse Process Type via based on custom fields determined
  • UI Enhancement: Display custom fields in Inbound Delivery Transactions
  • Monitor: Display Custom Data in Warehouse Monitor
  • Custom RF: Post GR for Inbound Delivery – SAP EWM Technical Online Training
  • Custom RF: Pack Inbound Delivery Automatically and Pack Inbound Delivery with provided Packing Material
  • Custom PPF: Create WT for Inbound Delivery for Simple Put Away Process – SAP EWM Technical Online Training
  • Enhancement: Custom Validation for Put Away Bin Determination
  • Custom RF: Confirm WT – SAP EWM Technical Online Training
  • Monitor: Create IBD, Post GR, and Perform Putaway by displaying list of Purchase Orders

Outbound Process

Different Cases

  • Simple Outbound Process
  • Outbound Process using Transportation Unit
  • Outbound Process using PSHUs
  • Outbound Process using Wave

Custom Development Scenarios

  • Enhancement: Pass custom data from Outbound Delivery to Warehouse Task – SAP EWM Technical Online Training
  • Monitor: Display Custom Fields in Delivery Transaction
  • Monitor: Create Wave based on Custom fields in the Outbound Deliveries
  • Enhancement: Update ECC Delivery in Handling Units
  • Enhancement: Determine Picking Bin based on Custom Rules
  • Enhancement: Custom Validation during Post Goods Issue
  • Enhancement: Controlling WOCR via Enhancements
  • Monitor: Print Shipping Labels

Production Process

  • Production Material Request
  • Inbound Deliveries – SAP EWM Technical Online Training

Custom Development Scenarios

  • Development: Create Cockpit for Staging and Posting GR
  • Development: Create EGR and IBD for Process Order from ECC
  • PPF: Perform automatic GR for Production Order

Internal Warehouse Process

Physical Inventory

  • Development: Create Physical Inventory Document, Perform Counting and Post Posting Changes

Stock Transfers and Adhoc Movements

  • Stock Transfers – SAP EWM Technical Online Training
  • Transfer Posting
  • Replenishment
  • Adhoc Movements

Codes Snippets

  • Delivery Processing: Get Deliveries, Update Deliveries and Create Subsequent Documents such as Create WT or Pack the Deliveries
  • Warehouse Task/Warehouse Order: Get Warehouse Task,Create WT, Confirm and WT Cancel WT
  • Handling Units: Get Handling Unit Details, Create Handling Units, Pack Handling Units, Unpack Handling Units and Delete Handling Units
  • Goods Movement: Post Goods Receipt or Goods Issue for Handling Units or Deliveries
  • Adhoc Movement: Post Adhoc Movements and Stock Transfers
  • Physical Inventory:Create Physical Inventory Document, Count Physical Inventory Document and Posting Differences for Physical Inventory
  • Wave: Create Wave, Assign and Un Assign Delivery Items to the Wave and Release Wave
  • Integration: Pass custom data to and from between ECC and EWM